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RMS Matrix Setup and Modification
SequoiaRMS is intuitive and customizable. SequoiaRMS can be customized to each specific RMS Structure.
Examples of Matrix Modification Screens.

RMS Universe Setup and Modification
Examples of Universe Modification Screens - Locations, Work Schedules, and Employees.

Sample Modification
Using the SequoiaRMS Desktop Client, RMS Administrators can modify Samples and Validations (if applicable). The Current Sample Status screen gives a current summary of Active Samples to help ensure that Samples are answered within a timely manner.
Current Sample Status, View Sample, Sample Modification, and Sample Search screens.

SequoiaRMS E-mail Generator
When the RMS Period is an E-mail Sample (instead of paper or phone), e-mails are sent out at the time of the sample containing a web link for employees to answer the RMS Sample. This is the same for SequoiaRMS Desktop and Web Clients.
E-mail Generator Interface Screens.

The e-mails can be customized to the client's needs.
Reminder e-mails and the reminder criteria can be customized as well.

The sampled employee receives with internet/intranet access receives the e-mail and web link.

Example of an RMS E-mail.

Web Response Form
The sampled employee or validator uses the web link to answer the RMS Sample. The Web Response form is compatible with most browsers and mobile devices.

Example of an RMS Sample web page.

Example of a validation web page.


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