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Federal Compliance
  • Developed using guidance provided by the Division of Cost Allocation (DCA) including the original OPAL Guidelines for Random Moment Sampling, the Department of Heath and Human Services (DHHS), and the DCA Best Practices Manual for Reviewing Public Assistance Cost Allocation Plans.
  • Generates and sends e-mails and validations at the sample moment; compensates for multiple time zones
  • Sample Summary by Funding Source Report provides the requisite summary report for federal reporting
  • Terms used in SequoiaRMS follow DCA guidelines
  • Statistically valid random moment sample and sub-sample using random moment generator
  • Case counts or other agreed upon methods for distributing effort among multiple funding sources can be included for allocation purposes

How a Random Moment Sample is Generated
  • An Employee is randomly selected
  • A moment (minute) between the start and end dates of the period is randomly selected
  • If this moment is a designated holiday, another moment is selected
  • If this moment does not fall into the employee's work schedule, another moment is selected
  • This process is repeated until a valid moment for this employee is found
  • When that happens, the random moment is created
  • This process is repeated until the number of desired sample moments is achieved


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