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Cost Management Strategies to Enhance and Protect Federal Revenue
Sequoia Consulting Group staff members develop cost allocation plans that recover and protect millions of dollars of federal revenue. We provide financial management services to health and human services programs in multiple states and in over 100 county or local governmental operations.

  • Cost Allocation Plans
  • Time Management Studies
  • Random Moment Sample
  • Indirect Cost Rates
  • Rate Setting
  • Cost Reporting

Cost Allocation Plan Development
For more information about this service, e-mail John Bower

Sequoia Consulting Group staff offers more than 120 collective years of experience developing and implementing indirect cost plans for state and local government entities. Our staff has been responsible for development of plans for health and human services programs in multiple states and in over 100 county or local governmental operations.
Time Studies and RMS
For more information about this service, e-mail Anita White.

SequoiaRMS is an innovative software developed by Sequoia Consulting Group to meet the demands of our state government clients. Operating on a SQL Server Platform, SequoiaRMS offers a state of the art solution for use in Rate Studies and Cost Allocation. Fully automated, SequoiaRMS offers e-mail sampling, comprehensive analysis tools, and a complete reporting package.

SequoiaTRS is an easy to use web-based Time Reporting System designed to meet or exceed the needs of human service state agencies as a dependable, reliable, efficient, and user-friendly web application. The software can be licensed to an agency or hosted and operated by Sequoia Consulting Group

Cost Reporting and Rate Setting
For more information about this service email IN Cost Reports. Cost Reporting and Rate Setting Service and Product Overview.

Sequoia Consulting Group offers extensive experience in the establishment of payment and reimbursement rates for human service agencies, residential care operations, state funded services or programs. Our staff has developed industry specific cost reporting methodologies that ensure proper assessment of direct service cost and allocation of administrative / support services to all benefiting programs. Furthermore we have created proprietary software systems that ensure proper collection and classification of costs and consistent application of allocation methodologies. Our processes have led to the enhancement of federal reimbursement for services offered and provide extensive support for payments made in the event of federal audit.

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