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Practice Areas

Child Welfare Operations

Sequoia’s understanding of Title IV-E goes beyond documentation requirements, policy, procedures and federal funding issues. Our comprehensive expertise provides tailored solutions to alleviate eligibility barriers. Significant time is devoted to child welfare and judicial personnel, providing clarification and guidance on specific issues impacting children.

Training and Development

People are your most vital resource. We design and conduct trainings to educate staff on why their work is important, how it makes a difference, and what is needed to effectively do their job. Our ongoing training resources and professional educators allow staff to understand, retain and integrate the knowledge acquired.

Development and Integration

Our developers are experts at creating solutions that support your workflows. Need Integration with existing systems? We can do that! From small tracking apps to large claiming systems, we have the expertise.

Rate Studies

Accurate rate setting is many times overlooked in child welfare operations. Setting the payment rates accurately and determining the appropriate portions to be claimed to title IV-E Foster Care, Medicaid and possibly TANF are key to maximizing the claiming return on the most expensive forms of out of home care.

Cost Allocation

A key to revenue maximization and protection is accurate costs allocation. In the constantly shifting landscape of federal claiming, we can provide the needed deliverables and guidance to ensure your administrative federal recoveries are fully recognized. Sequoia has extensive experience creating and maintaining cost allocation plans, indirect cost plans and indirect rate studies. Sequoia’s experience and reputation are invaluable assets for cost plan negotiation and federal approval.

Grants Management

Securing a grant is only the first step. Pre-award, post award, ongoing financial reporting, programmatic reporting, and closeout functions are all vital to maximizing grant funding. We have the resources to facilitate all of your grant responsibilities up to and including federal, state, or local audit compliance.


Sequoia has assembled a staff of industry leaders who specialize in implementing solutions. Many have been instrumental in the development of the policies and rules governing Child Welfare Operations, Cost Allocation, Rate Studies and Grants Management.


Our services are designed around Sequoia’s Assessment, Remediation, Structuring and Implementation (SequoiaARSI) methodology. Quality assurance, policy and process reviews will improve eligibility and claiming by finding the gaps and missing pieces. Cost allocation and rate study services further enhance claiming.


Our advanced tools are designed to be integrated with existing systems to form a comprehensive suite.

  • Claiming and Reporting System
  • Time Studies
  • Process Tracking
  • Eligibility Determination